Monday, June 14, 2010

Streetworks Brick Project

I've had this finished for a little while, but since it's part of an event I wanted to make sure to reveal it at an appropriate time. It's my design for this year's Streetworks art project hosted by East End Main Street. The project features art that celebrates the east end of Charleston, WV. Last year we designed banners that hung all along Washington Street, and this year we designed bricks that will be permanently placed in the same street. The designs needed to be fairly simple considering that they're going on such small objects and will ultimately be a single color when applied.

I attended a press event for the project today, where local media came to watch and report as some of the artists transferred their designs onto the bricks. The transfer process wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it might be. I stole the image above from Mark Wolfe's Facebook page; a local graphic designer who also designed a brick and helps organize the project itself. You can see my piece in the photo as well as my friend Staci's, which is the one closest.

The original pieces of art used to make the transfers will be auctioned off this Saturday at 5:30 pm at Frütcake, located at 1599 Washington St. East.


tamedimpala said...
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heidi daisybones said...

It was great seeing you & your design! I'm so excited about the bricks.