Friday, September 21, 2012

Strange Kid Comix Issue 3

Here's the first page of a comic I did for Strange Kid Comix Issue 3. (You'll have to wait for the magazine to come out to see the whole thing!)

I've done comics for both of the previous issues, and somehow I seem to end up a doing a longer story each time! I almost had to back out of this one for schedule issues but my collaborators urged me on and gave me a bit of leway because they really thought I was the right artist for this piece, so thanks to them!

As you can tell, this comic is based on the show Twin Peaks, since the whole issue is themed after 80s and 90s television. Truth be told I don't know a whole lot about the series, which is why it was great that the story was in the hands of comics writer John Rozum, who has just announced that one of his comics is in development as a series at NBC!

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Art Inspired by Premium Cable

Tonight is the opening of More Than You Imagined, Art Inspired by Premium Cable at Bottleneck gallery in Brooklyn, NY.  I have work in the show, (above) as does my Marshall College of Art & Design classmate, Tessa Morrison!

Rather than base my piece on a specific cable television show I chose to draw inspiration from the 1980s HBO intro they used to show before every movie. The camera started out on a family watching television together, then it swooped over an amazingly elaborate model city and finally panned up into space where the HBO logo floated into view and let you know that the feature was about to start. You can watch it here:

When I was a kid we only had 23 channels and for some reason one of them was HBO, so this intro is the "premium cable" memory that is most embedded in my brain.

A few years ago I found a video that shows the months of work that went into this minute-long intro:

The fact that the HBO logo and star burst lighting effects were not done digitally is amazing, isn't it? And you have to love that 80s soundtrack.

Here's a small writeup about the show on