Friday, October 25, 2013

Artmares 2013

Here are my pieces for this year's Artmares, a Halloween themed art show put on by East End Main Street, and featuring work by artists local to the Charleston, WV area. This year I decided to combine two of my favorite pop culture properties and have Adventure Time characters dressed as the cereal monsters. Any self-respecting Halloween nerd will tell you that this was a big year for cereal monster fans, as they re-released the long discontinued flavors Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute.

You can see all the other amazing Artmares pieces if you check out my friend Rudy's coverage of the show over on his blog, PopCult. Photo credit for the top image goes to Rudy as well.

Princess Bubblegum as Frankenberry

Finn as Yummy Mummy

Jake as Fruit Brute

Lumpy Space Princess as Boo Berry

Marceline as Count Chocula

Friday, October 18, 2013

Where to Purchase My Art

Hey gang, just a general update to round up some places where you can purchase my recent works online.

You can buy my 3NES pieces based on Metroid, Super Mario Bros, and The legend of Zelda here at Bottleneck Gallery. My 500 Days of Summer print is available there too.

You can buy my Walking Dead piece from Hero Complex Gallery over here.

And you can find prints from my summer solo show at Gallery 1988's website

Thank you to everyone for all the continued support and interest in my work!

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Walking Dead!

I am very excited to show off my piece for Hero Complex Gallery's The Walking Dead art show, which is an official collaboration with the series and AMC.

The exhibition opens this evening, so please check it out if you are in the LA area, and keep an eye out for more pieces showing up online.

My piece is based around my favorite characters, Maggie and Glenn (even though he spells his name the more traditional way.) I wanted to add some humor to the idea of a romance in midst of a zombie apocalypse.

You can check out a write-up about the show here on, and get more info at Hero Complex Gallery's website.