Friday, January 24, 2014

Front Magazine Issue 190

I recently got in my copy of Front 190, of which I illustrated the cover and also did some artwork for an article inside.

Not the easiest thing to photograph, but I worked with the folks at Front to set up the file so that it could be printed with metallic gold ink in certain areas.

My artwork inside the magazine is for a piece called Fads of the Future. They wanted the art to be in that sort of happy 1950s cartoon style to contrast with the darker humor of the piece. Working in retro styles is something I love, so doing these went very smoothy. As usual they provided me with all the copy and specifics of how they wanted the illustrations to look, and I took it from there.

What's funny is that as I was working on this I was thinking about how cool it would be to illustrate one of their covers, and lo and behold an email asking me to do just that hit my inbox!

Once the cover shoot with the model was done and they provided me the photo they wanted to use, I started doing some very rough sketches of the carousel unicorn they wanted her to ride, and we then went back and forth and adjusted from there.

The model's name is Lass, and you can check out her Facebook page here! Don't blame me if your productivity for the day comes to a screeching halt, though.

I think it's very cool that I can actually provide the blank of what the cover looked like before all the other elements were added in.

And if you look closely...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Luigi Book

I was asked by Game Paused to contribute some work to a book celebrating the less-famous Mario brother, Luigi. Of course I jumped at the chance, because as I have mentioned before I am a huge fan of Luigi and secondary characters in general. In fact I have discussed this piece before, because this is a new version of a drawing I did for my solo show last summer.

The book was printed in only green and blue, (which I like,) so I reworked the artwork accordingly.
The name of the book is Game Icons: Luigi, and you can order it here from the Game Paused website. Hopefully I can update and add some more photos when my copy arrives.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Fairy Tales Print Show

The Fiary Tales art show opens tonight at Gallery 1988 West, and here's my piece for it. I wanted to do something simple, so I decided to draw my version of a modern take on Snow White. There have been lots of great reimaginings of the Disney princesses lately, so I know I'm not treading new ground here, but it seemed like a fun piece to do.

I also read the original Grimm fairy tale before doing this, and it's not as different from the movie as I would have thought, but the ending is extremely abrupt and out of nowhere. That may have been a theme with their tales, I'm not sure. I believe all the Grimm fairy tales are public domain and free to look up and read online, if curiosity strikes you.