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On a personal note...

I finally have internet at my new place, and I finally have my apartment in some sort of order where I can live in it and be happy. Which is why I can pause to make a post, and why I can finally get up everyday and just start working! ...yay?

Lately my life has been mostly organizing and traveling. Organizing because of all the changes that have come about in the last six months, and traveling because one of those changes happens to be a girl who lives four hours away from my current location. It's only really hard for the first day after or so after we part, but when we finally see each other again it's incredibly worth's a feeling I haven't felt in such a long time that I'd almost started to think it must be something you're able to grow out of.

Technically my internet service started yesterday, but I had to completely rewire a phone jack today to get it to work; something I had no experience in doing. I'm pretty proud I did it successfully, especially since whoever installed the thing mangled the job entirely. Hopefully they haven't graduated to bomb defuser.

The first thing I discovered upon reuniting with the iterwebs was that the new Wolverine movie has been leaked, albeit with some unfinished effects. After watching it I have to say that people should be excited they get to choose an X-Men movie over the usual crap at the theater, but shouldn't expect something as epic as the first three movies. I guess the best way to put is that the movie definitely knows that it's no X-Men 4, and seems to be pretty okay with that.

I have learned two things from TV this week: when moving a heavy one by yourself you can bruise or possibly break a rib (I have no idea if it's actually broken since I have no medical insurance, all I know is to most likely expect six more weeks of pain when I laugh) and Bonnie Hunt is quickly passing up Rachael Ray as my most annoying person in the world. She's already won most unfunny.

I wanted to take some pictures of my new place in it's finished (for now) state, but I thought just taking pictures of each room would be kinda boring, so I took some more enigmatic photos instead:

I don't want to bog blogger down so I'll add more later!