Monday, December 21, 2009

Mario's Closet Press

My Mario's closet shirt design is popping up all over the internet.

Here are a few of the articles that have been brought to my attention:

What's crazy is that I visit a lot of these sites everyday anyway, it's really surreal to see them writing about me! Thanks to all these sites, all the new visitors to my site, everybody who is voting and commenting, and to Dave, Kyle, Randall and John.

Update: I will keep trying to update the list above as I get time, if just for my own records. However, it's reaching the point where (especially with smaller blogs like mine,) there are just too many to post. It turns out this actually crashed Splitreason's site and voting system yesterday. They are swamped with holiday stuff but obviously this is at the top of their list, as they told me they've never had press like this before. Over 1,ooo people have already signed up to be notified when the shirt becomes available. I have been stressing to them how much people want a print/poster, and it seems like it's a given at this point. They are really busy but are trying to get the shirt going as soon as they can, hopefully early January.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sans Mutagen

My shirt featuring the unmutated Bebop and Reocksteady is now up for sale, click here to buy it!
Also I'm thrilled that it looks like my Arkham Asylum shirt is a big seller, as a couple of sizes have already sold out.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pinball Pinup

I recently started following the blog of Bill Presing, a storyboard artist who draws cartoony pinup girls in his spare time. Bill was interviewed live last night on a site called, and as part of the interview event artists were asked to submit their own pinup drawings from which Bill would choose a winner. That person would then be awarded an original piece of Bill's art. Above is my entry, which unfortunately didn't win. The piece that did win very much deserved it, however, which made me happy because some of the top voted pieces weren't terribly impressive in my opinion. I had about a days notice to get this done and submitted, and since I had already done an arcade pinup girl I figured one with a pinball theme would be a nice compliment.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Mario's Closet

I have a new T-shirt design up for voting at Splitreason. This one started out as a simple idea and turned into something a little more complex. When my designs go up for voting I always get the inevitable complaints (you just can't make everybody happy) but I sort of feel like I'm throwing myself to the wolves with this one. The reason being that I had to come up with rules for what I should and shouldn't include as part of Mario's wardrobe. I wanted to include as many of his power-ups as possible, but the main rule I had to follow was that I couldn't include things that actually transform Mario himself rather that just changing his wardrobe, like the Boo mushroom from Mario Galaxy that turns him into a ghost. So I've mentally prepared myself for the barage of "OMG WHY DIDNT U INCLUDE THIS 1 ON THERE U R DUM." I don't mind constructive critisicm, but sometimes it feels like people complain just to do it. If only they knew how much thought I actually put into these!

You can vote here.

And thanks to all the people who do vote, and offer well thought out comments.

UPDATE: Wow, it has been brought to my attention that this design is blowing up huge, actually reaching the #3 spot on Digg this morning in all categories! Thanks so much to everybody for your interest, and don't forget to vote! Also I've read all the comments requesting a poster/print and I will pass the sentiment on to Splitreason. They do offer some prints of my work, and as I have officialy submitted this to them it is more in their hands than mine at this point, but I will surely talk to them about it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bullet William Shirt Now Available

One of my favorites of the newer designs I've done, the Bullet William shirt is now available for purchase. You can buy it here.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Under a Bill

Last week I attended the Under A Bill art show where I had some work on display. It was part of a series of shows all happening within close proximity at the same time called the ArtWalk, a regular event in Chraleston, WV where you're ivited to walk from gallery to gallery. You may notice me in the photo playing the role of wide-eyed crazy guy looking right at the camera (something I like to do in photos.)

I forgot my camera and we tried to hurry along from show to show, so I don't have many photos of other people's work, but here is the work I had hanging. A couple of nice girls bought the two pieces on the far right as they were just starting to decorate a new home.

This is work by my friend Staci which was hanging at another location not far away.

I also want to thank Hillary and Kyle who went out of their way in both time and distance to attend the show; it meant a lot.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Items For Sale

A couple of new items designed by yours truly are up for sale over at Spiltreason. The Arkham Asylum shirt has made its debut, and the popular Ghostbusters/Pac-man design is now available on a hoody. Click the images to buy!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dick Tracy Cubee

This Dick Tracy Cubee designed by me has been posted on
You can download him here!