Monday, December 7, 2009

Under a Bill

Last week I attended the Under A Bill art show where I had some work on display. It was part of a series of shows all happening within close proximity at the same time called the ArtWalk, a regular event in Chraleston, WV where you're ivited to walk from gallery to gallery. You may notice me in the photo playing the role of wide-eyed crazy guy looking right at the camera (something I like to do in photos.)

I forgot my camera and we tried to hurry along from show to show, so I don't have many photos of other people's work, but here is the work I had hanging. A couple of nice girls bought the two pieces on the far right as they were just starting to decorate a new home.

This is work by my friend Staci which was hanging at another location not far away.

I also want to thank Hillary and Kyle who went out of their way in both time and distance to attend the show; it meant a lot.

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