Wednesday, June 30, 2010

80's Toy Show Poster

As with the 90s show, I was asked to take my entry for the 80s Toy show and turn it into a poster for the event. It was actually kinda hard to come up with design elements that looked more 80s than the ones I used on the 90s poster. In some ways the 90s is a hard decade to imitate design wise; I'm just not sure if we're far enough away from it yet to have a sort of caricatured view of it's design sense, if you will. The 80s were just so loud and neon and in your face that they still kind of absorb the 90s, much in the same way that you could argue that 30s and 40s design is hard to tell apart, with the 30s being the more dominant decade.

Anyway, enough of silly art theories! If you are in the Philly area you should go check the show out!

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