Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Press Mentions

I need to list some of the press stuff that I've come across if for no other reason than to remind myself that I need to add them to the site when I have a minute. A few of these were found by my friend Dave, who is much more on top of where I am mentioned on the internet than I am!

First is several of my shirts being featured in a list of "42 great video game shirts you can wear in public" by Gamesradar. I'm glad I made this list and not the list of most awful ones! - 42 great video game shirts you can wear in public

Next is a Blog for the Charleston Gazette that wrote about the big letter 'L' I made for Festivall. It's nice to get some press for this, maybe somebody will show up and want to buy it!
The Charleston Gazette - Beeper Lives

And Finally, did a feature on the Twilight Zone gallery show I participated in at Gallery 1988 in LA, and they used my art for the article. - Works of art inspired by Twilight Zone.

Thanks to the people who brought these to my attention and the people who wrote the articles!

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