Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Come check me out at FestivALL

I've been talking a lot about FestivALL on here lately, which is an arts festival in Charleston, WV that I will be participating in. So consider this the big "when things are happening" post. To any of my friends reading or anybody else who lives in this area, I would love for you to be able to make it out to some of these events!

June 18th

10:00 am - Festivall Large Letters Project
Nine local artists were each asked to design a giant letter, which when all put together will spell FestivALL. I was lucky enough to be invited to design the letter L, and the letters will be on wheels all day, rolling around to different Charleston businesses to be displayed.

6:00 pm - Buswater opening reception
1520 Kanawha Blvd. East

Buswater is an art exhibition held at regular intervals in a big ol' house by the river. I have several friends who normally participate and this will be my first time joining them. I created fresh prints of some new and old work for this show. It's usually packed and a lot of fun.

June 19th

10:00 am - Art Parade
The route starts at Court Sreet, then follows Virginia Street and ends at Capitol Street

This should be a pretty awesome thing to see. It's my understanding that the letters from the Large Letters Project will be featured in the parade.

5:30 pm - East End Streetworks Art Auction
, 1599 Washington St. East
This is my second year participating. Last year artists were asked to design banners that were hung along Washington street, and this year we were asked to design bricks that will be permanently installed in the street. The original pieces of art used to make the brick transfers will be auctioned off here.

June 27

3:00 pm - Large Letters Auction
BB&T stage, 226 Capitol St.
The giant FestivALL letters will be auctioned off to the public!

These are only the events that I will personally be involved in and present for, which is just a tiny fraction of all the stuff going on at FestivALL. The event goes from June 18th to the 27th, check out the full schedule here!

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