Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gone Campin' Title Cards

We are getting into the final stages of post production on our short, Gone Campin'. If you missed my post explaining what this film is you can check it out here, otherwise just know that it involves a grown man out camping with his puppet friends.

We're trying to get a good cut of the short finished so we can screen it at the Filmmakers conference in Sutton, WV this weekend. An early idea I had was to do a cartoon-style title card sequence for the beginning. You guys know what I mean; the little bit of music and art that plays before an 8 minute cartoon letting you know the title and who worked on it. It's something that's been used on everything from older cartoons like Looney Tunes to new stuff like Spongebob.

The good thing about working with Brainwrap is that when I have an idea they usually let me run with it however I like, so I came up with what you see here, as well as the rest of the credit design which you can see in the final film!

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