Friday, April 2, 2010

Sex Bob-Omb

This is a piece I did for fun after I got excited by the Scott Pilgrim teaser trailer. Kim is my favorite female character in the book, so I decided to feature her in a flyer-type design for the book's band Sex Bob-omb. And maybe it's just because she's my favorite, but I feel like she kinda got the short end of the casting stick in the movie so I decided she needed a little more justice. For the most part the casting in the movie looks fantastic, but with Kim they just seemed to make her very unappealing compared to the other girls. I mean, I know she's not supposed to be the girl that every guy is going crazy over, and I think that's part of why I like her, but they didn't have to dress her in frumpy clothes and give her a giant cheese puff for hair:

No offense to the actress playing her, who is normally pretty cute.

I tired to do a Scott Pilgrim drawing forever ago but I just couldn't get it to look right. I think what I realized is that I was trying to copy the style of the art too literally, whereas here I tried to combine Bryan Lee O'Malley's style with my own so that the piece is mine but still recognizable. His style may look simple, but his drawings are amazingly solid and appealing, not something that's easy to pull off.

I recommend checking out the book just because it's so different from anything else I've ever read. Think about if real life had video game elements in it like 1-ups and bosses while still maintaining all the normal complexities of getting a job and dating and you'll get the idea. I came pretty late to the game and didn't start reading until book 4 had been released, and back then it was pretty hard to track them all down, but now with the movie coming out there is literally an entire shelf of them at my local book store so you should have no problem.


Ink Asylum said...

Love it! Count me in as someone who doesn't think Kim gets the attention she deserves.

Sean Breeden said...

You draw the hottest chicks ever

Jakwob said...

I love it! Please do more Scott Pilgrim work!

larzini said...

I've been thinking the same thing regarding Kim Pine. There was no reason to give Kim a frumpover. She's cute in the books, like pretty much every character, no need to change that, Kim's character is well-written enough that there was no need to change her look. Nice illustration btw.

adamhlj said...

Is this one for sale? I would love to purchase a copy depending on the price.