Monday, April 26, 2010

Facebook Fan Page

After quite a bit of wrestling and experimenting with the new "Like" button functionality that Facebook added this week, I finally made the leap to creating a Facebook fan page. If you are reading this via a link you followed from Facebook, chances are you've already joined up and I thank you! If you would like to follow me on Facebook please click the "Like" button in the bar to the right.

Also when viewing my blog you will notice that each post now has a Like button underneath it. Clicking these buttons will automatically publish a story to your Facebook account, for example "Bob Smith likes New Art on" I guess I'll see how useful this feature proves to be, though from my experiences so far I would say that Facebook has A LOT more testing to do.

I tried to import my blog posts directly into Facebook, which I also tried to do several years ago as well, and I remembered why I ultimately decided against doesn't work. It will bring in about twenty or so of your old posts, which is nice, and then just never find any new ones. It says it should take three hours for new blog posts to show up on Facebook, and after 15 hours this one still isn't on there. Looks like I'll have to do it the old fashioned way! Not that copying and pasting a link is all that strenuous.

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