Friday, April 30, 2010

9, 10, Never Sleep Again...

It's actually just coincidence that I'm posting this on the day that the Nightmare on Elm Street remake is being released, but it's a happy coincidence so I'll take it!

I don't really have any plans to see the new film, because even as someone who isn't a big horror movie buff I know that there is only one guy who should play Freddy, and trying to replace him is just silly (especially since they replaced a guy with a very prominent, villain-like chin with a guy who has absolutely no chin...and seems to think that Freddy should sound just like Rorschach, but I digress.)

This is one of the characters I had to draw for my second assignment for Front Magazine, but I liked the way he turned out so much that I singled him out and made a quick background. I'll post the rest of the artwork for the piece soon.

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Frank Browning said...

Love it. LOVE IT!!!

You are the man Mr. Brogan :)