Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nintendo le Magazine Officiel

My Mario's Closet drawing was featured in this month's official Nintendo magazine of France!

This is the text as I can best translate it using Babel Fish and common sense:

"Nintendo planet

The dress code of Mario in question

What does one find in the dressing room of Mario? This is the question raised by American Glen Brogan. Upon reflection, he imagined a superb illustration where one sees the plumber choosing his clothes among all the costumes he carried in the hundreds of plays in which he appears."

I'm sure that's still a little off. I took Spanish, not French. And I got a D.

Apparently it is going to be used again soon as part of a "suits of Mario" feature. I can't think of a more fitting article.

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Anonymous said...

jeux translates better as "games" than plays. Other than that it's not too bad a translation.

P.S. Love your work!