Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mario's Closet's Tattoo

An artist named Jules sent me this image of a tattoo design she did for one of her friends. Look familiar? As can often happen when coming up with funny video game ideas, we both arrived at the same idea independently of each other. In this version, however, you can see that Mario has a sweet castle-like closet.

Also I have become aware of a contest where you can win a free Plumber's Wardrobe shirt. It's sponsored by and you can enter it here.


Sean Breeden said...

Glen, if you have a tattoo idea for something around 3" x 3" let me know. I would love to get something you designed tattooed. I'm getting ready to get 2 half-sleeves (1 on each arm). One side is going to be my geek stuff and the other Chinese-themed. Going to get my back redone as well. Gen X down here says they can do an awesome 2 dragons with them. I'm serious about the the tattoo. You can sign it too. Something from you would work perfectly with the theme I'm doing.


Sean Breeden said...

hehe Mary wants one too :) We'll pay ya!

Croos Tattoo said...

I think it is really good to explain whole scenery in one image. Glen you friend also did it.