Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas Drawings Part 6

This piece was for my friend Ally and has a bit of a back story. During my trip to L.A. last summer my traveling companions and I came across some posters plastered on a wall that featured a buff and shirtless Adrien Brody. We thought it was pretty funny, so I took a photo and posted it online, to which Ally commented that she wished we had torn one down for her. So for the most part I tried to recreate that poster, only I gave him an Alien tattoo since it's one of Ally's favorite films.

Ally actually has a lot of favorite films because she is without a doubt the biggest movie buff I know. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of actors and what films they've appeared in, and can easily name seemingly obscure actors appearing in the background of most movies. Like all of us she has her share of Hollywood crushes, (and I respect her for liking some of the more offbeat guys) so between that and her love of movies I could have picked quite a few subjects for this drawing, but the idea of a caricatured Brody with his big nose and chiseled muscles struck me as really funny.

Hopefully Ally feels like she can actually display this somewhere and I haven't embarrassed her too much with the drawing or this post! She has been to more conventions and met more artists, actors, and celebrities than you could imagine, so it makes sense that she has her own pop culture site and blog that you can check out here.


Ally Melling said...

That nose is the sex! So is your representation of it! You give the best Xmas presents ever!

Thank you for speaking so highly of my useless movie knowledge. I always take it as a point of pride.



Solo said...

Its cool because he has an Alien tattoo when he stared in the "Predators" movie.