Friday, February 18, 2011

Mario's 25th Anniversary

I received this awesome package in the mail last week. It's the first issue of Games Master Presents, which pays tribute to a quarter century of Mario. Games Master is the biggest gaming magazine in the UK, and I was really excited when they contacted me about using my Mario's Closet drawing in this special edition.

The magazine comes in a cool cardboard sleeve to hold all the goodies inside, and upon further inspection of the packaging you can see just what those goodies are: two buttons, decals for your DS, Wii, and Wiimote, and a double sided year planner and poster featuring my design.

It's pretty crazy to me that you can buy this official tribute to Mario and receive a surprisingly giant poster of my work (Gyromite cartridge included for scale.) And not only that, but on the flip-side of the poster is the Mario Bros 25th Anniversary logo. It might seem silly, but it's so cool to me that my art is printed on the same document as official Nintendo branding. As far as I can tell my work is the only non-official Nintendo artwork included anywhere in this bundle, so even though they could have chosen from any number of amazing Mario fan artworks created by much more accomplished artists than myself, they chose mine for whatever crazy reason.

To say that I've gotten a bit of mileage out of this drawing would be one of the great understatements of my life at this point, but I am extremely thankful that it has opened up so many cool opportunities for me like this one, and that so many people have seen and enjoyed it. Thanks to Games Master for asking me to be a part of this! If you live in the UK I can only assume that it should be easy to get your hands on a copy, but as for myself I ordered some additional copies here. My buying experience suggested that the site isn't primarily set up for US shipping, so make sure your shipping info is correct!

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