Monday, February 7, 2011

Christmas Drawings Part 8

My friend Mike serves as editor, musician, and puppeteer (among other jobs) on our show Seth Martin and Friends. Amazingly he supplies the voice of every puppet on the show, and in my opinion his voices have only gotten better over time. He loves music more than just about anybody I know, which he shows both in his own talent and his love of some of the all time greats. One musical interest Mike and I share is our love of crooners, or lounge singers, if you will. So for him I created this drawing of Trace Cherokee, our country singing puppet from the show, and Sammy Davis Jr, who he can do a great impression of. Since I purposefully tried to date this "photo" as being a part of Trace's as of yet unexplored past, I thought it would be cool to change his look a bit and give him a Willie Nelson look.

Again I'll plug our show Seth Martin and Friends, and this time when you watch the videos keep in mind that it's one guy doing all the voices!

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