Friday, February 4, 2011

Christmas Drawings Part 7

It's no secret that my friend Seth loves Jurassic Park; he's read the books and can quote every line from the movie. This idea came to me very quickly because it was so goofy and nonsensical, and unlike the other drawings this one isn't so much a mash-up as it is ... Dennis Nedry holding an egg with an electric guitar playing velociraptor. If you know Seth, you understand why this drawing was perfect for him.

Lots of my favorite artists take pop culture characters and cartoon-ize them, but I honestly couldn't think of any time I had ever seen this done to Jurassic Park or Wayne Knight in particular, so I was really excited to get this down on paper. He seemed like he was ripe for caricature and I knew the results would have a good chance of being pretty funny.

Seth doesn't have a website for me to plug (aside from being the star of our puppet show Seth Martin and Friends,) so instead I'll just let you check out a match from his pro wrestling career.

Also, since I've started using these Christmas drawing posts to link to my friends' online ventures, I should back track a bit and link to Carrie's photo blog. Check out her work!