Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas Drawings Part 5

The interesting thing about the drawing for my buddy Randall was that it took a while to come up with an idea I was satisfied with. I tired to make the drawings in this series fit each of my friend's specific interests, and one of the best compliments I got was from my friend Mike who said that he appreciated how nobody would want any drawing more than the one they received, and you could tell who each one was for. Randall is a fan of so many things and has a great knowledge of all of them: comics, movies, books, TV shows, cartoons, video games, you name it. Even though I felt like I had a wealth of subjects I could choose from I still wanted the drawing to seem tailor made for him.

I finally settled on Kevin Smith and Mick Foley, two people whose work has meant a lot to Randall and his own work, and I know he has met or seen both of them in person. Obviously I played with the cartoon license a bit and bulked up Mick, who really isn't fat as much as just a big guy, and trimmed down Kevin, who is in fact a pretty hefty dude. (Though I can't tell if those giant shorts he wears helps or hurts his perceived appearance versus his actual size.)

Randall is great at putting his friend's work out there and has probably given me more shout-outs and mentions than anybody else on the internet, so I really have to thank him for that. You can check out his blog, The Mojo Wire, where he talks about the things going on in his life, his writing work, and the creative works of all his friends. The cool thing about Randall, and the thing I envy most about him as a fellow blogger, is that no matter what he writes about it's always very well written and interesting; his writing talents come through in every post.


Strange Kid said...

Mike Foley!! :D

What's he been up to these days? I used to dig him as Mankind and Dude Love "back in the day."

Awesome piece.

Keith said...

Made me smile.