Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Drawings Part 4

Yesterday I posted the drawing I did for Justin, and today I feature the piece I did for his wife and my friend, Staci. As with the other drawings I combined two of Staci's interests, but this piece stands apart in that it doesn't feature any pop culture references. Staci is a very active artist, and I thought it would be cool to take a couple of the themes she commonly uses in her art and apply my cartoony style to them. Back when we were in college Staci often used bobbers in her sculptures, and currently she does very cool ink drawings of birds that wear cut-paper dresses. My description doesn't do them any justice whatsoever so you should really check out some of her birds here.

Sometimes I can have a hard time re-envisioning things in a cartoony style; I fail to push the drawings as far as I'd like and end up retaining too much of the original subject, so I was really happy that this piece didn't suffer from that and came out exactly as I saw it in my head.

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