Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Drawings Part 1

I decided to do fun drawings for all of my pals this Christmas. The idea was to make them simple, silly, and customized to each persons interests. There are ten in total, and I will post them one by one!

This first drawing is for my buddy Dave. In terms of interests there is nobody I have more in common than Dave, mainly due to the fact that he collects as many toys as I do, and we both love delving into the history of things like animation and video games. I decided to take the famous statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse and put a Mario spin on it, so here you see Mario and his creator Shigeru Miyamoto. I wanted to mimic the real statue as much as I could, so I put them in front of a end-of-level Mario castle and tried to make Mario's hat and nose resemble the shape of Mickey's ears.


Kenney said...


Strange Kid said...

"It's me, Mario!" :)

Have you seen that Silent Hill/Mario mash-up video that's been floating around, Glen?

Unknown said...

Thanks again for the awesome drawing! :)