Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big F**king Deal!

This is really cracking me up. As you may or may not know, when Obama signed the health care bill Joe Biden leaned in to him and said "This is a big fucking deal!" which was audible over the mics and went out live to the TV viewing audience.

My cousin immediately snapped up the domain name and threw up a clip of the incident, as well as links to some merchandise including my Change Chomp shirt. The site has already been featured on and among others!

Oh, and something else I found funny: If you have read my site for a while you know that I created that Change Chomp shirt to correct what I believe is a misconception that the famous sticker on Obama's laptop is a Pac-man, since it more closely resembles a Chain Chomp. Well, even with the new design I made, the author of one of the articles about my cousin's site mentions that you can buy a "Pac-man" shirt, hah!


Brad said...

hahah! thats awesome!

Randall Nichols said...

I love this. Glad you're getting some mileage out of it, too.