Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Ol' Boys and a Girl Flyer

My good friends Mike, Meagan, and Brandon comprise a bluegrass band called The Good Ol' boys and a Girl. Brandon has joined the Navy and is shipping off soon, so for time being the band in its current form is taking a hiatus. Mike asked me to make a flyer for their farewell show as well as adapt the logo I made for them some years ago into a design that could easily be applied to a T-shirt. I love bluegrass music and always try to support my friends in everything they do, so naturally I am happy to be a part of this goodbye celebration, just as I have been happy to make it to as many of their shows as humanly possible for the last few years. They have made quite a name for themselves here in Huntington and scored many great venues, including opening up for the legendary Jesco White at his own farewell show.

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