Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Art Added

The art section is now up to date with all the art I've done in the last several months, with lots of pieces added to the illustration, work, and Splitreason sections.

Perhaps the only piece I added that hasn't been previously featured on this blog is the second banner I did for the Autumn Society website, so you can now see both of them here. The one that hasn't yet been used has a Mario 3 flavor to it.

I also updated my resume with new press and freelance listings, and the store now has a few new products.

Lastly, I added a Now Available section on the right side of this page to showcase the Mario's Closet posters (and the signed prints which are coming very soon.) The main reason I did this is because I continue to get plenty of emails about the posters. I am trying my best to put the word out that they are available, so bear with me!

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