Friday, March 5, 2010

Front Magazine Illustration

Here's a piece that's been eating up a good deal of my time lately. I was commissioned by Front Magazine to do an illustration for an article they're doing on video game violence. Front is sort of a Maxim-type magazine in the UK, but as you know Europe is more lax on nudity than we are here in the states, so if you check out their website be ready for a lot of attractive, curvy, not-safe-for-work fun.

They were really specific on what they wanted in the piece which I really appreciated. I love it when someone knows what they want, makes my life much easier! The challenge here was that I wasn't very familiar with a few of the games. Sub Zero standing proudly with Raiden's head should be obvious to most, as should The Punisher. The chainsaw scene is from Resident Evil 4, which I haven't played but I am of course aware of. The diseased cow head is from Postal 2, the fat woman being fed pig guts is from a game called Phantasmagoria, and the midget on stilts is from Thrill Kill. The last three I hadn't really heard of, so I had to do a bit of research. I provided them with a file that will allow them to fudge the placement of the characters some, as I imagine some text will be going in there somewhere, so the final piece will differ from this one. I'll be sure to post a picture when I get my hands on the magazine.

It's a funny thing to get an email that asks if you can draw a fat woman being fed pig entrails from a canister and make it look humorous.

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Randall Nichols said...

This turned out great, and congratulations on the exposure.

Really awesome to see one of my favorite comic book characters drawn by you -- and the eyeball thing is just hilarious.