Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Prints are Doing Well

The second banner I made for the Autumn Society home page is now up on their site.

And this is the second half of the signed Mario's Closet prints awaiting the Fedex guy. These are being overnighted because the first half of the prints have already sold out! They didn't anticipate them going so quickly so these need to get to California fast. They also said that it is pretty uncommon for prints to sell at that rate, so I thank everybody who has bought one! Orders are still coming in so if you are on the fence about buying one and still haven't done so, I recommend it now!

Also I just got a box in from Splitreason with all kinds of Mario's Closet goodies, and I have to say that the poster looks amazing. I was very impressed, and I'm one who is quite finicky about print quality. So if the signed print is a bit out of your range you can always grab the poster here.

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