Friday, June 21, 2013

Gallery 1988 Show: Samwise the Badass

I'm a big fan of The Lord of the Rings films and books, and I've always wanted to take a crack at drawing Gollum. He's my favorite because he's not allied with the good guys or the bad guys, yet still plays a huge part in the story.

When I saw Return of the King for the first time I really enjoyed what a good job they did with the ending. It's a tall order to make three, three-hour-long movies and have the whole thing lead up to a ring being thrown in a lava pit rather than having a huge battle with big bad guy himself, but they pulled off in spades, and it's one of my favorite movie endings of all time. The music, the red glow of the color palette; it's all so great. I'm also big on science fiction and fantasy universes having their own rules, and I love the fact that the ring becomes too heavy for Frodo, and even though Sam can't carry it on his own, he can carry Frodo while Frodo has the ring. Kind of like how the Hulk can pick up Thor while he's holding his hammer, but not the hammer itself (and this post has probably just become to nerdy for its own good, so I digress...)

My show is up through June 22, so if you are in the LA area please stop by Gallery 1988 East! You can purchase prints of all the pieces at the Gallery's online store.

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