Friday, June 14, 2013

Gallery 1988 Show: Gotham City ComiCon

I was especially happy with this this piece because I felt like it was a simple idea that I personally hadn't seen done before: a flyer for a comic convention in a fictional city filled with actual super heroes and villains. It presented me with some unique challenges in terms of taking characters who already wear costumes, having them dress up as different characters, and yet still be recognizable as who they are. My biggest worry was that they would come off as just regular costumed convention-goers rather than the actual Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. I think the idea comes off well, though, with a lot of credit probably going to Ivy's green skin.

As far as choosing the costumes, I figured Harley wouldn't dream of dressing up as anyone other than Mr. J; Indy seemed like a good fit for Catwoman given the whip and love of treasure, and probably the biggest "ah-ha!" moment of the whole piece was when I figured out a creative way to make Ivy look like a Mario Bros piranha plant. I see a lot of girls at conventions now who have made these extremely clever hybrid costumes that combine the visuals of a specific character with normal clothes (I think the most prevalent idea is dresses that look like the Daleks from Dr. Who,) so I would love to see somebody actually try this piranha plant hair thing in real life.

My show is up through June 22, so if you are in the LA area please stop by Gallery 1988 East! You can purchase prints of all the pieces at the Gallery's online store.