Monday, March 28, 2011

Survive Winter piece for Front Magazine

I have a stack of Front Magazines sitting here that I haven't written about yet, so here's the first post towards remedying that!

These drawings were for an article about "hibernating" for the winter by staying inside with DVD box sets. The idea was to have a bear and squirrel act out popular TV shows.
This assignment was really the only time I've had any sort of creative disagreement with Front. They wanted the characters to be very simple looking, whereas in my original drawings I made the animals look somewhat more realistic. My reason for this was sort of the Matt Groening principal that making cartoon animals behave realistically is much funnier than having them do typical cartoony animal things.
My original drawing of the bear dressed as Frank from 30 Rock struck me as particularly hilarious because he really looked like he had no idea why he was wearing a hat a glasses.

At the time I just really felt that these drawings didn't represent my ability to create effective and funny pieces of art, but it wasn't until I got a look at the finished article that I realized that I was mostly suffering from a case of being too hard on myself. I just needed to spend some time away from the drawings before I could realize that they looked just fine.


Strange Kid said...

Man... winter can be rough. ;)

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