Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Strange Kid Comics

That's right! I will be doing a comic strip for the Strange Kids Club. I was really excited to create a comic for the anthology but this should prove to be even cooler. This St. Patricks Day strip is the first one, so SKC proprietor Rondal Scott and I will be getting a feel for the project as we go along.

You can see the official post here on the Strange Kids Club website, and be sure to pre-order the upcoming anthology for only seven bucks. From the official pre-order page:

"This first anthology features over 20 indie artists who have contributed both pin-ups and short comics featuring our blue-pompadoured mascot, as well as a comic by upcoming Strange Kid webcomic artist by Glen Brogan.

Don’t forget our interview with Brent Engstrom, one of the veteran artists behind Topps Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. Plus, there a special surprise that comes with each issue!"

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