Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pool Table Room

Here's a piece long leftover from Christmas. My dad has been redoing the house room by room, and this winter he tackled the "pool table room." I bet you can guess why it's called that. The pool table has been there for years and years, but if you own one you know exactly why he decided to get rid of it: after a while it becomes less of a recreational item and more of a place to set stuff.

Seeing as how the pool table was in the biggest room of the house its absence left a lot of free space to be redecorated and re-purposed. The remodel is mostly done at this point, with new furniture, new paint, new wood floor, etc. The room had been decorated with the same gaming theme since I was a kid, so I really felt like I needed to commemorate the old version with this Christmas gift to my parents. Construction was well under way when I started this, so I drew it from memory.

I still don't think we've decided what to call it now that "pool table room" is no longer accurate.

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