Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Video Game Gore!

Here's my piece for the Autumn Society's Video Game Gore show which opens next month at Brave New Worlds in Philly.

At first I was leaning towards something based on Silent Hill since it was the first horror video game I ever played (and genuinely scared me when I was a kid,) but once I had the idea for a Luigi's Mansion piece I knew I had to go with it, if for no other reason than it seemed like a really unexpected choice. You don't really think of a Mario game when think of horror, and this game in particular was pretty offbeat and received little fanfare. I loved it, but then again I have a weird fondness for secondary characters.

There's some Super Mario World ghost house flavor thrown in as well, just because I liked the idea of using the P switch. The Princess was added to fill the role of obligatory horror movie heroine and give it more of a movie poster feel.


ryan said...

Did you sell this one I want it!!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome, that should totally become a Tee!