Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ernie Hudson at 3G

Here is a photo that a fan submitted to Splitreason this week. It's from the 3G show reception at Gallery 1988 where Ernie Hudson made an appearance, as did the Ecto1 and several other celebrities! As you can see, this awesome fella is wearing my Ghostbusters shirt. There are a few things I like about this photo:

1. This is the second picture of Ernie Hudson and somebody wearing one of my shirts.

2. All four Ghostbusters are in this picture.

3. By coincidence, somebody wore one of my shirts to a show I have work in.

Also, I have a new shirt up for sale that features many pop culture alien characters, and it seems to have become a big hit on the official Alien Facebook page. I will make an official announcement about the shirt being up for sale soon, I was just happy that so many people seem to enjoy it. 530 likes and 62 comments!


Strange Kid said...

That's wicked awesome! So wish I could have attended that event.

Chogrin said...

That's funny & awesome! When I saw that guy he was looking at your pieces, then I noticed his shirt. And then I pointed out the piece he was looking at was designed by the same artist! Cheers Glen! You're huge! :)