Friday, May 21, 2010

A couple mentions from around the web

A few of my pieces have shown up around the web this week. First, my Octoroc drawing on, and then my Carl Winslow drawing on

While this is cool, and I'm always up for a little exposure, neither of these places have identified me as the artist, so I think I may need to start putting my URL on the images I put up on my blog, just like I do with the images in my gallery.

I mean this isn't a huge problem or anything, but there are things about these specific instances that bug me. First of all, the article is an interview with a musician named Doctor Octoroc. He does some amazing video game themed music, and is the guy behind the 8-bit Dr. Horrible tribute you may have seen floating around the web. Problem is, the article talks about his visual art as well, and has my piece plastered there with no credit. This REALLY makes it look like they have given him credit for my image. This is entirely's error, and I tried to get them to add a credit line for me, but so far not so much as a response. I even got the support of a guy in the comments of the article who was kind enough to back me up, haha. I mean I don't want to crap on, but how hard would it be to add a line of text? Maybe I should post one of their articles here like I wrote it and see if they can better identify with that. (Not really, I'm just being a smart alec.)

Secondly, my 90's themed drawing on is bugging me because I'm wondering how it got there. Usually when something I drew shows up on a site like that you can follow of chain of posts back to the Autumn Society site, which gets a lot more traffic than my blog. But I haven't posted it there yet, and Tineye gives me zero results. It's a mystery!

Anyway, I think branding each image will help solve this, I just have to quit being lazy about it! And I don't want to sound ungrateful for the exposure, obviously it's a pretty awesome thing to be browsing one of your favorite sites and run across your own work, this is just an issue that's been on my mind. Consider this a "thinking out loud" post.


Brad said...

ya that is BS, if they use your image the very least they could do is give you credit, and link back. the internet is about sharing, not taking. your logo/signature is a good idea.

Alex said...

yeah agreed, maybe just plop your link at the bottom of images or something

poppedculture said...

You are absolutely justified in being pissed off and sites that don't give credit are lazy. Not to dump on a site in particular, but tumblr sites do this a lot as it is so easy to post and image and move on. I have spent many hours tracking an image back through that rabbit hole. It's a good place to find new things but so often there is no credit.

I have posted several of your pieces but I always make sure to credit and link the image back directly to your site. It only seems right.

SplitReason said...

I'm happy to see they finally added a direct link to your site!