Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Dimension

This is the official e-vite invitation to the show Another Dimension at Gallery 1988 in LA. The show is a tribute to the Twilight Zone TV series and I am humbled, honored, proud, ecstatic, and many other things to have a piece of artwork featured in this show.

I know I probably mention this too much on this blog, and I'm sure to many of the other amazing artists participating this is just business as usual, but being included in this show is really a major milestone for me. My family and friends have never stopped supporting me or the fact that I wanted to draw silly cartoons for a living, which is a major testament to them seeing as how achieving this is about as likely as making a living being an actor or musician. I have known since I was three that there was nothing else I could ever want to do with my life, but even with that the support of my loved ones seemed too overconfident; they seemed to know I would achieve this goal even when I still had my doubts.

Gallery 1988 at this point in time is pretty much THE destination for artists who do cartoony and pop culture type work; you just can't ask for a better venue if you do the kind of art that I like to do. So it's for this reason that I can't help but think of all the people who told me that I couldn't do this. Professors who told me that I needed to quit goofing off and do "real art." People who told me I had to leave WV to achieve anything. People who make six figure incomes that believe doing so is the only way to feel personally fulfilled, or to define yourself as a "success." And most of all, people who think that you can't achieve something improbable if you don't work hard at it...and the key phrase here is "work hard," as in not expecting something to fall in your lap and being grumpy when it doesn't.

So again, I know that tons of artists get into shows every day. I know that many of them, including artists who operate out of WV, will make more money than I will ever see. So I'm not saying that this is some great achievement that needs to be measured on the big success scale that our society holds so dear. I'm just saying that to me, it means something.

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Randall Nichols said...

This is great. I know this is a really big deal for you, and I'm glad your hard work has paid off in a way that really means something to you. It's great when stars align like this, that you could get the exposure you deserved, and that most importantly you actually have something that shows that chasing dreams isn't as outrageous of an idea as most people would like to believe.

Congratulations, man.