Friday, May 14, 2010

As Days Go By

I had to take a break from the Pee Wee drawing for a while as new projects kept popping up with even shorter deadlines. One that I had forgotten was coming up so soon was the 90s themed art show for the Autumn Society. Somehow I took this piece from conception to completion in two and a half days. I'm sure plenty of other artists could knock this out in like half a day, but speed has never been something I could brag about, even though I work on drawings typically from the time I wake up until I crawl back into bed.

At any rate I got a little excited once I started making references and included lots of stuff from the 80s as well, even though most of it was still popular or reaching its peak in the 90s. But of course the focus of the piece had to be everybody's favorite 90s TV dad and typecast cop, Carl Winslow.

I'd actually like to do another piece for the show, I'll just have to see if I have time! I think I can do it if I abandon all other aspects of my life for the next month.

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EZ Goodnight said...

I think you've really nailed this considering the speed you did it at. (Two and a half days is not that bad, IMHO)

Carl looks ridiculous and adorable. Something seems a little off about the eye shape (they seem almost angry) but overall I think this is really great.

What is that green thing in his hand? I remember eating those terrible things but only vaguely.