Wednesday, May 26, 2010

L is for Progress

FestivALL is an annual event in my hometown of Charleston, WV that involves art exhibitions, concerts, and performances to showcase the creative side of the city. Last year they asked various Charleston artists to each design a letter of the phrase "A city becomes a work of art." The final result was used as a logo and symbol of sorts for the event. I was asked to design one the letters for this year's project which will simply spell "FestivALL." I was honored to be asked, especially since less letters means fewer artists were chosen. The kicker is that this year the letters are four-foot-tall physical representations cut from plywood that will be put on wheels and rolled around the city.

I received the letter 'L' to design. Here are some progress photos that don't give away too much of what the final product will be. I'm actually just about done with it so I'll post more photos soon.

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