Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why do you keep going back?

Seriously, have you learned nothing?


madBOX20 said...

ah man. that isn't cool. i love every m. night movie. yes even the village. i love his view on the stories.

Glen said...

I don't mean that his movies are entirely unenjoyable, and I actually can't even personally attest to the quality of most of his films (I haven't seen any of his movies since Sings, which I did enjoy.)

I'm just saying that this is the conversation I have with my friends every time he releases a movie:

Friends: Oh, an M. Night movie! I'll go see it!

Me: Didn't you hate his last one?

Friends: Yeah, but look at the trailer!

Friends after seeing movie: HOLY CRAP THAT WAS TERRIBLE.

It's like if somebody tells you they hate spinach, and yet they buy it every time they're at the store. I'm not saying it's impossible for someone to like spinach, I'm just saying I don't get why people who previously decided they didn't like it are so amazingly shocked and angry every time they continue to try it.

You would think after a while that people who don't like his movies would go "Hey, this guy's movies aren't for me." But they don't because apparently M. Night flies over the whole country and sprinkles some kind of voodoo pixie dust on everyone to make them ignore reason and logic. Though I guess his plane was broken on this last one.

Glen said...

Sings = Signs

madBOX20 said...

yeah i see what you mean. i think he is one of those you either love his movies or you hate em. oh by the way this is madBOX20 the other guy making cubees. i just caught your site and i like it. good job. have it bookmarked and will visit daily.

Glen said...

Ah, cool. Since you just signed "Chris" I thought maybe it was Chris who runs Cubeecraft.

madBOX20 said...

nope. same first name though :) it should have me as madBOX20 now. ive never used this google/blogger thing but i have a gmail account so i used it. but apparently it had my display name as my first name. oh well.