Thursday, June 5, 2008

Glen commented on his own note Bragging

The Philadelphia trip was great, I’m glad we tried something a little different. Philadelphia is an awesome city, very clean and pretty, I’m surprised it’s not higher “up there” in the major city rankings.

The hotel we stayed at was enormous; it had its own ballroom and a sizeable pamphlet rack! However, they screwed up and couldn’t give us a room with two beds, so we got one great big bed and a roll-away. We all three fit in the giant bed, but that probably would have led to some awkward looks in the morning…

Our first evening we headed to Chili’s for dinner where we were treated to a FREE meal because the restaurant had just opened and it was the first day on the job for every employee in the place. Oddly enough one the rules of eating for free was that we each had to order from a specific page of the menu, but luckily I got the sandwich and burger page.

Our first full day we headed into NYC and hit all the usual spots, some of which Ally hadn’t seen on her previous visit. I have to say, it’s odd being there when it’s actually hot. The smell of the city is much more…prevalent.

That evening we visited the Muter Museum in downtown Philly which was amazing. It’s a Victorian style medical museum full of oddities and skull collections and various items removed from the body. I saw lots of things there that I don’t think I could ever describe to another human being; a whole lot of dead babies in jars staring back at me, begging me to honor their memory and contribution to medical science by buying something in the gift shop.

The cross sections of anuses and models of pus-filled eyes having made us hungry, we ate at The Famous King of Pizza! And hit the sack so we could wake up and attend Wizard World Philly the next day. The convention was pretty big, but not very dense…we saw everything pretty quickly. And really all I needed to see was the Flux Capacitor replica that is now above my mantle.

We headed home and rested up, then decided to take another road trip on Monday to see M.C. Chris perform in Columbus. I have to say he puts on a great show, really funny guy. I’m not a huge fan or anything but I was really glad I went. He spent a good eight minutes explaining the plot of the new 50 cent video game to us, and we also saw him wandering around outside before and after the show.

On to other news, my new Mario 3 shirt is going to be produced by Splitreason this month, and a few more of my Cubees have been posted: Venus Di Milo and Kermit the Frog, as well as Jason by Frank.

There has been a really cool development with the Cubee stuff that is going forward which I am REALLY excited about. I will post more about it when it gets further along.

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Hey can you design a Jay and Silent Bob Cubees...