Friday, June 13, 2008

Down the River

Yesterday I had to head to Paris signs for work, and when I arrived back at the office there was a carload of people of waiting for me right in front of the door, probably making everyone at work very suspicious. After I hopped in the car it was crammed with Mike, Anthony, Seth, Kyle and myself. I only half way knew what was happening, and the details kept changing, but we immediately drove to Beech Fork lake where we inflated a child’s swimming pool, put it in a stream that branched off from the lake, and paddled with the current until we couldn’t go any further, which was an embankment under a bridge. Since I was fresh from work I had to change into a pair of Seth’s swimming trunks, and had no choice but to wear my shoes in the “boat,” which are still soaking wet this morning.

I don’t fully understand what happened or why, but I am thankful.

Also my Space Ghost has been posted.

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