Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Increased intrest and Such

Since I started making Cubees as a fun little hobby I have gotten increased interest in my little site here, which as many of my friends know I have had for-freaking-ever. I mainly use this place as an online portfolio that I can access from anywhere, and as a location to stick images, thoughts, and whatever else for (initially) mostly friends to check out. It can be pretty fulfilling maintaining a site where you can post whatever you want, even if it's just for simple fun.

But I have to say that it has been really great getting comments from new people, and today I was even informed that I've been blogged about. Because of this new interest I would really like to start adding some new art for people to look at, I just have to come up with the time. I've done some art pieces here and there lately, but it's mainly stuff for for Cubees or T shirts (and somehow I squeezed a quick cartoon in there.) If people are going to be cool enough to want to check out my site on a regular basis I really want to give them something to look at.

Also some of you may have noticed that I always cross post on both here and Facebook because, well, everyone checks Facebook while most can't be bothered with making the long and arduous journey that is typing in a new URL.

But yeah, I need to get some new things going. Lots of artists have websites where they do nothing but show off their art, so I need to figure out what that extra little ingredient is.

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Anonymous said...

WOO HOO! I can't wait to see more! thanks for the linkage - much appreciated! :)