Friday, June 3, 2011

Mural Progress Part 3

Day three meant it was finally time to add some color!

This part seems to be the most time consuming but it's also the least strenuous in a lot of ways. Building the scaffolding was a lot of physical work and the planning aspects are mentally taxing, but this is just good old fashioned paint by numbers as we fill in all the shapes.

One of my favorite parts is to stand back after we finish a color and see how the whole thing is taking shape. It's also really cool to be able to walk a couple blocks away and still see it. It's an interesting feeling to have your artwork so prominent and out in the open like that.

I was interviewed by the local paper and a couple news stations throughout the day, and you can read the Daily Mail writeup here.

More tomorrow!


Strange Kid said...

Very cool! I love getting to see the process behind everything. I saw the rendering on the Charleston Daily site and it should look jam up after you guys finish. :)

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