Friday, June 10, 2011

Exclusive Pizza Box Print

I'm pleased to say that The Autumn Society's Shell Shock Ninja Turtles tribute show was a huge success! The opening reception was last week, and available for purchase were exclusive sets of prints, stickers, and buttons that came in a sweet custom pizza box. I was asked to contribute a drawing of April Oneil, and as luck would have it I had just finished a piece featuring her anyway. I needed to modify it to match the color specifications of the prints, but that didn't take long. So here's the modified version of my April piece that was available in the pizza box set.

Here's a look at the finished prints and the variety of styles and characters that were included.

And the stack of pizza boxes, ready to find loving homes!

I'm so happy that this turned out to be such a huge show, and I'm really glad I was able to contribute not just my two regular pieces but art for the poster and print set as well.

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