Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"How to Party Harder" Front Magazine Spread

This one took a while. It's three two-page spreads that not only needed full backgrounds but also required 24 specific characters that had to be designed and drawn to represent certain personalities and scenes. For example, the girlfriend leaving the drunk boyfriend, the nerd, the goth girl, etc.

The idea of this feature is to resemble a side-scrolling video game where we follow the main character as he makes his way through a house party. All the empty spaces you see will be full of party tips and other text when this is printed in the magazine.

These days I tend to get really busy all at once, so even though I had about a week to get this done I still found myself working on it until 2 am the night before the deadline!

The other two spreads are after the jump because they contain some nudity and sexual content. Gasp! So if you are reading this from the main blog page click "read more" below to continue.

So yes, I had to draw some boobs and some implied sexual intercourse. We're all adults here, right? (assuming you heeded my warning.) Even though I do quite a few pin-up style drawings I did find this a little weird to do, especially because it was for an assignment that will be widely published. I do like drawing attractive girls, but I think going all out and drawing them naked isn't much fun. I think it actually takes away from the sexiness, if that makes sense. Not that these drawings were trying to be sexy rather than funny, but that's just my thought on the matter. So I'm sorry if I've shocked or saddened anybody with these; I have no moral objections to doing drawings like this, nor to accepting large sums of money from Front magazine.

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