Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gizmo Busts Willy

These are my pieces for the 3G Show at Gallery 1988! As I mentioned in the last post, this show features work by Autumn Society members, all based on Gremlins, Ghostbusters, and Goonies. Please click the images for larger versions!

We were asked to create three pieces, one for each movie, but I knew that I wanted to mix it up a bit. I thought it would be cool to have characters from all three movies crossing over and interacting with each other. The central idea was to have Gizmo using a Ghostbuster trap to capture the ghost of One-eyed Willy, and have the whole scene carry across all three pieces, as you can see above.

I knew that I still wanted to draw more characters, so I decided to design custom mats that would let me add an extra scene to each piece. These characters were a blast to draw, and most of them clicked right away without the need to re-work my drawings too much. Sometimes I strive to push my drawings further than I'm able to achieve, but I was really happy with the cartoony aspect of these.

This is also one of the only times I can think of where I designed a series of pieces specifically around how they would look framed. It makes displaying them digitally a little bit tricky, and hand-cutting oval mats is about as fun as it sounds.

These are among my favorite things I've done recently, and I enjoyed going back and watching the movies for inspiration. Gremlins 2 I watched so much as a kid that I still remembered most of the dialog (I like it better than the first one,) and the Ghostbusters movies I didn't really need to revisit as, like many people, I have them pretty well memorized.

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