Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sam's Myth

So this is pretty cool, brought to my attention by Alexis Smith. Sam Smith, artist and current drummer for Ben folds, did a really nice writeup on his blog about my work. I can tell he's been all through my site because he singled out a few of my pieces that don't get much attention, such as the decals I designed for the Nintendo DS. Thanks, Sam! I also read that he'll be participating in some upcoming Gallery 1988 shows, which is sweet. You can check it out here.

And here's a photo stolen from of a fan in my Back to the Future shirt posing with Ernie Hudson! I've seen Ernie at conventions before, and I might have actually paid the cash to meet him if he had been wearing the Ghostbusters jumpsuit then.

A quick update: The guy in the picture is actually artist Ian Glaubinger, a fellow Autumn Society member who was also in the Carzy 4 Cult show, and who just introduced himself to me online earlier this week! Talk about coincidences! I seriously just grabbed this pic from Splitreason's fan section on whim. Small world!


IAN said...

That fan is actually me! Ernie was the man!

Glen said...

No way, are you serious? That has to be the biggest coincidence of all time! Crazy!

IAN said...

Yeah, I had someone commission me for a Ghostbusters piece that he picked up at the recent Wizard World Philly. He then took it over to Ernie Hudson and he loved it and wanted to meet the guy who made it. So I RAN over to his booth and we talked for a little and he took some pics (no charge) and gave me a hug. Good times! Talk about your all time fanboy moments.!