Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mars Coloring book

The Autumn Society was asked to collectively create a coloring book for NASA and the Mars Society to get kids excited about one day exploring (or even living on) Mars. This was my contribution.

Honestly this one was hard for me to get a handle on. I tend to enjoy drawing things that are goofy or cartoony, and while we weren't strictly prohibited from that, we were asked to not do anything that would give kids an unrealistic idea of what mars would be like, such as adding space aliens.

At first I had a grandpa sleeping in the back seat of the mars vehicle because that seemed like a funny but not unrealistic joke: an old man falling asleep on a car trip despite the fact that he's exploring a new planet. The Mars Society didn't like that, however, and asked that I replace him with a dog. This is when I really started to doubt myself. A dog in a spacesuit? That seems much more out-there and whimsical than I thought I was allowed to be. So what else could I have gotten away with?

But alas, the deadline was upon me and I had to stick with what I had. Not that I'm disappointed; I am excited beyond belief to add NASA to my resume, I just wish I could have put more of myself into the artwork since it's such an amazing assignment.

At any rate, feel free to color this page!

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