Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back from California

I have arrived back home from Hollywood and it's finally the time in my post-trip recovery where I update! In all seriousness, this was one of the best trips I've ever taken in my life. Around every corner was something amazing that I didn't expect.

This is me and Chogrin, founder of the Autumn Society who currently works on the series Adventure Time at Cartoon Network studios in Burbank. He told me a while ago that if I was ever in the area he would give me a tour of the studios. Back then I thought there was a good chance that would never happen, but things worked out and he made good on his promise!

I really can't thank him enough for how amazingly hospitable he was to us. He gave us a full tour, let us take pictures, showed us stuff the public doesn't get to see, and introduced me to a ton of great artists that work there. What really blew me away was that some of them already knew my work and who I was! Most likely though Chogrin bragging on me, which I should also thank him for. If any of you guys at the studio are reading this please chime in with a comment so we can keep in touch!

There is a stairwell at CN where all the artists who have worked there or passed through doodled something on the walls. Chogrin insisted I draw something, so I did a crude Choo Choo from Top Cat.

Lucking out seemed to be a theme on this trip, and one such instance was arriving at CN Studios on the day they were having a BBQ on the roof, so we got to have a free lunch with all the employees. We were standing in line right behind Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter's Lab and Samurai Jack. Kyle snuck this picture.

The day before the Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988, I stopped by the gallery to sign prints of my Pee-wee Herman piece that would be for sale during the reception. When I arrived they were putting the finishing touches on the show which looked amazing.

This was the line just to get into the show; only four or five new people were let in at a time. There was a bar and more hang-out room next door at Golden Apple comics.

As you can see it was shoulder to shoulder inside, but not hectic or uncomfortable. I talked to several of the artists who were all really nice folks. Some of them came from even further away than I did.

The work in this show was truly amazing; you really need to do yourself a favor and go here and here to check some of it out. If I posted photos of all the stuff I liked then this already too-long entry would double in size, hah.

And the thrill of the show for me, Seth Green bought my piece! From what I can gather the gallery isn't allowed to tell you who bought your work, so if I hadn't approached him I never would have known. I was already nervous about going up and introducing myself to him, but when he told me he bought it (which I misunderstood at first as him wanting to buy it) I just melted into a fanboy puddle and probably embarrassed myself royally. But, I guess there are worse circumstances under which to make a fool of yourself, right?

The rest of our trip consisted of doing the touristy Hollywood stuff and going to Disneyland on a whim. That stuff was fun but I'm sure the last thing I should subject people to is vacation photos, so I'll keep to the art-related stuff as usual. I want to thank Kyle, Hillary, Chogrin, the artists at CN and in the Crazy 4 Cult show, Seth Green, the Gallery 1988 staff, all my friends who have sent me good wishes, and what had to be nicest hotel concierge that ever lived.


IAN said...

Long time fan & first time commenter. I am also in the Autumn Society and I also did a piece for the Crazy 4 Cult show (Pulp Fiction Trading Cards, maybe you saw it there?). This does sound like an amazing trip, i wish i could've gone out to LA for the show too. Maybe next time. That's amazing that Seth Green bought your piece. I was tracking the show the night of from Twitter and such and apparently Kevin Smith tweeted about my piece which was cool, but not as awesome as meeting Seth Green and having him buy your piece! Keep up the good work!


poppedculture said...

How could you not go all fanboy with Seth Green buying you work. Very cool.

And I liked your Pulp Fiction Trading Cards too, Ian.

Anonymous said...

Long time fan and first time commenter as well, I'm gonna be in Burbank next Thursday and I was wondering if possibly your friend could get me into cartoon network just to look around, I'd really appreciate it, and If he can't that's ok. Keep up the amazing work! :D